Prayer Update – Shorty

Back in April I posted a prayer request for Doris’ brother Shorty and today she is asking us to pray for him to have peace over the outcome of his biopsy’s.

Please join me in prayer for Doris’ brother Shorty. He has just undergone 46 biopsies this month in Chicago. He has lost 25 pounds due to nerves Please also pray for Shorty’s wife Marge for peace, strength and courage as she supports her husband during this trying time.

Father, You are Jehovah Rophe and we come to you today on behalf of Shorty and pray that You place Your hands upon him and his wife. Jesus, You bore all our sickness and freed us from the curse of death while on the cross. Your blood flows through Shorty and brings life and healing to him. We forbid these tumors or growths to inhabit Shorty’s body and command them to dissolve in the name of Jesus. Sickness must flee and has no power over him and the word of God energizes every cell of his body. We bind the spirit of fear and nervousness and cast it into the pit of hell where it came from. We loose the spirit of peace, hope and joy that only our heavenly Father can bring and ask God to place His angels around him as a hedge of protection. We ask these things in the name of Jesus, Amen.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Update – Shorty

  1. Dear Briggitte,
    Thank you for your prayers but Shorty got an
    answer from the doctor faster than expected. He
    has cancer & needs to decide what form of treat-
    ment he wants to do or do nothing. Just please
    continue to pray for him. God Bless.

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