Soul Harvest & Laminin T-Shirts


I put a post on my blog about Louie Giglio and the video on Godtube about Laminin, the glue that holds us together.

Well, I’ve gotten emails and comments from so many people stating what an impact it had on them and today one of the comments was from a small business owner who was so inspired by the video they created a T-Shirt and left the link to their website.  They weren’t sure if I would mind them posting a link to their site but I like their site so much, I decided to write a post about them.

The site is called Soul Harvest and they feature all original Christian  T-shirts that give the customer an opportunity to witness simply by wearing one of them. How true it is that a simple message on a shirt can help to initiate a conversation between you and a lost brother or sister…and that is worth more than the cost of any shirt you could ever buy!  Here’s the Laminin T-Shirt, please take a moment to stop by their site and browse through their line of T-Shirts.




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