A Message from Erin

A few months ago I learned of a prayer circle for a young girl named Erin Page.  I posted a prayer request and updates along with a link to a blog that her family started to keep everyone posted and to ask for prayer. 

Erin went to be with Jesus on March 11th, and I continue to subscribe to the blog as her family posts on CaringBridge from time to time and I do not want to lose touch with them.

This evening as I was checking my email a familiar message was in my inbox.  It was a link to a recent post on Erin’s page and as I read the message, I knew I needed to share it.  This young girl had such a close relationship with her Lord that she not only heard Him, she knew it was Him.  How many of us today question if what we hear is God or something/someone else?  I know I have spent hours questioning this and  I learned that I was not walking close enough with God to know His voice.  It is quite obvious that even at her tender age, Erin intimately knew Jesus.

At first I was going to title this post A Message From Erin’s Mom, but the true message is from Erin, so I changed the title.  I pray this message blesses you as it has me.  God bless you and keep you in His care,

Briggie ^i^

SUNDAY, JUNE 08, 2008 06:42 PM, CDT

I was looking through some of Erin’s things the other night and found a little book, sorta like a diary, that Erin had put down some of her feelings in. Her writing was never an example of perfect penmanship but i was able to make out what some of the notes said. I’m not sure when she had written it but one of the notes was very encouraging to me. Here’s what it said. “When I’m down in the dumps and I feel like no one cares, I feel that someone’s watching and I know what He’s saying, you know someone cares and that you’re royalty in my eyes but you don’t seem to listen.” I was really proud of Erin at that moment. I know that God was so real in her life! He continues to bless me and amaze me with his revelations of himself. Maybe he was doing this for me all the time and I just wasn’t seeking him. I know he wants to be closer to us than a brother and I have failed to let him have his way. God knows what we need and when we need it. This little note was like finding a diamond! I’ll keep it in my mind and close to my heart for a long time. One day I’ll get to discuss this with Erin and thank her for leaving it for me to find. I just felt like I oughta post this for everyone to read because it was such a blessing in my life. I hope you are lifted up by it too! Last Thursday Erin’s marker was put in place at Oak Hill. I haven’t been up there yet because i don’t know if i wanna go alone to see it. Brian and Kimberly sent me a picture and I appreciate that. I’ll get up there this week and see it. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and love! I thank the Lord for this website and all my blessings but most of all for saving myself and Erin! I love you Erin!


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