Prayer Request for Rae

My friend Doris has asked us to pray for her friends sister-in-law Rae.  She was visiting her son in Las Vegas and recently returned to New Jersey.  Because of the long flight, she developed blood clots and had to undergo treatment.  She was just released from her doctors care and now has been rushed to the hospital because of her gall bladder.  The doctors have stated she needs surgery and are trying to decide on the best way to handle it.

Please join me in prayer for Rae.  Pray that her surgery is swift and painless and that the doctors and nurses will allow the Hand of God to guide them.  Pray that Rae will have a miraculous healing and will have no problems with eating or digesting her food.  Pray that she will not allow the stress of having surgery overwhelm her and that her faith in God will remain strong and unshakeable, in the name of Jesus, Amen.


4 thoughts on “Prayer Request for Rae

  1. Salvation and redication for Seth Adam Garman who is 23 years old, and completely lost. Deliverance from drugs, alcohol and absolutely all bondages for Seth and all of them. Deliverance for Mimi from every evil work spoken against her and cancel the power of every curse, oath, chant, incantation, hex, pact, bondage, spell, voodoo, satanic art or practice, negative agreement or confesion cast over her and her family to be shattered and returned to the source. Return of house and ownership of 805 Blossom Lane, after 12 years of a renting to own contact and final ownership to be restablished. Exposure of the truth regarding all legal and spiritual attacks toward Mimi and family to the last detail and everyone envolved in hence return all that was taken. God knows the details. Unspoken request to come to my front door very soon.

  2. Thanks Briggitte for the prayers for Rae. I’m
    sure Rita is very grateful. From your mouth to
    God’s ear. Thanks again. God Bless.

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