Prayer Request For jayne

Saints and prayer warriors, I just learned that a long time co-worker and friend needs our immediate prayers.

Her name is Jayne, and her husband found her on the floor unconscious at 3am June 4th.  He called 911 and once they got to the hospital the doctors advised him that she had suffered a stroke, then while at the hospital she had a heart attack.  According to the doctors, her prognosis is not very good, however I know the God we serve and if it is His will, she can pull through this.  I know that God can create in her a new heart and that she can have no negative effects to her speech or movement or memory.

Father, I come to you on behalf of Jayne and ask that You place Your healing hands upon her.  Jesus, You bore all our sickness and freed us from the curse of death while on the cross.  Your blood flows through Jayne and brings life and healing to her.  We forbid any disease or ill effects from the stroke to inhabit her body in the name of Jesus.  Sickness must flee and has no power over her and the word of God energizes every cell of her body and renews the muscles in her heart.  I also ask that you touch the doctors and nurses that are taking care of her and that you place your servants around her bedside.  Jehovah Rapha, we bind every bit of illness or disease in Jayne’s body.  We declare her heart healthy and free from stress or weakness and disease.  Lord I ask that you give her husband the strength to put his faith in You and be a source of strength for his family, in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Request For jayne

  1. We all will be praying for Jayne & her family.
    Hopefully God will heal her so she can enjoy
    more of her retirement in S.C. Your in our
    thoughts & prayers Jayne. God Bless.

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