Favorite Ingredients Friday Veggie Burritos



I was browsing through my kitchen in search of what I could toss together for a quick dinner one night and can’t believe all the stuff I have stocked up. 

in my cabinets I found – black olives, whole kernel corn, mexican chili beans, diced green chilies and diced tomatoes

in the fridge I found – grilled eggplant, flour tortilla shells, shredded cheeses (mexican mix and cheddar), sour cream and salsa

So, I mixed all the stuff from the cabinets and diced up the grilled eggplant, added a little taco seasoning mix, spooned it onto the tortilla, added some cheese, rolled it up, topped it with some more cheese, then baked in a preheated oven for 15 minutes and spooned on some sour cream and salsa…MMMMMMMmmmmmmm Yummo!

You can add diced chicken, beef or seafood sticks if you prefer, and I would have liked to have some sliced scallions to top it off, but they were so yummy….  Reminds me to put this on my list of stuff to make this weekend!  See what you can do when you have a well stocked kitchen – or in my case, and obsessive compulsive disorder with canned goods?


P3250103  P3250104  P3250105  P3250106  P3250107  P3250108  P3250110


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