Thursday Thirteen 18th Edition


Here are 13 things to do for yourself this week

1.  Buy a good book and then sit outside (preferably under a nice shade tree) and read.  We have a shop called paperback trader near us and you can trade your old paperbacks for store credit and pick up some pretty good titles.

2.  Have a manicure, even if you use acrylics.  And to save money, have one of your friends give you a mani, then you can reciprocate and give her one.

3.  Get a pedicure, preferably not the same day as your mani, this way you aren’t at the salon for hours and you can just sit and enjoy.

4. Treat yourself to a new CD and then pop it into your car or your player at home, crank up the volume and jam!  If you have older kids (like me) you can borrow their CD’s and make a copy for yourself!

5.  To heck with calorie counting, treat yourself to your favorite ice cream cone.

6.  Get a facial or massage, it is so worth it.

7.  Buy a few new bras and panties and toss out the old ones.

8.  Get your eyebrows professionally styled if you can have them threaded, go for it) then make sure you keep up with regular waxing or threading.

9.  Go through your handbag collection and ditch the ones you’ll never use again, and clean up the ones you really like.  You can even embellish the old ones to give them a new twist.

10. Subscribe to your favorite magazine and when it comes set aside an hour or two to browse through it.  Make sure you have a nice cold beverage and some snacks to go along with it.  To make it even more special, pack up the stuff along with a nice blanket and head to the park, or beach or even your own backyard and get some fresh air and sun.

11. Plan a girls day/night out at least once a month.  You can meet a friend(s) for early lunch and movie, or have a mani/pedi and follow up with a nice lunch or dinner.  Or get all dressed up and hit the casino’s and walk the boards.  You can even keep it simple and just meet for coffee and hang out at the diner to catch up.

12. Volunteer at a local shelter, food bank, clinic, assisted living, or nursing home.  Giving a bit of yourself to others gives you so much in return.  And, you can write off your mileage and time spent volunteering on your taxes – give a little, get a little.

13.  Stop, look and listen, then breathe and give it all over to God.  No matter how bad things are, you can face them and then overcome any obstacle with Him by your side.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen 18th Edition

  1. I really liked your TT list. #9 and #13 are two that I definitely need to do! Sometimes life just gets too hectic ya know…and you are right you have to slow down and remember what’s important!

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