Update on Logan Stehno

I just received this update from Daniel on Logan;s progress.  Continue to stand in prayer for him and his family.  I rebuke the spirit of fear and claim healing for Logan in the name of Jehovah Rophe.  May the hand of God be upon him and his family and may an outpouring of finances be showered upon them so they can focus on Logan’s care and not the stress of medical and other financial bills.

5/22 –

Logan’s progress has been in baby steps and it seems like there are days
when no progress at all can be detected. I did find out this morning
that he has been released from the hospital, but is in a rehabilitation
and therapy center connected to the hospital. Logan has never “woken
up”. His eyes open and it appears that he is awake, but he is not
responding voluntarily. He does respond to stimulus, but nothing on his
own. Personally, I fear that this is his awake, but like all who are
praying for him, I pray that my fear is unfounded and nothing more than
that, fear. I know that Our Lord has a plan for Logan or he would not
still be alive. Logan’s still so very young and God created the human
body to overcome difficulties. It is my prayer that the brain and the
body, with God’s direction, will heal and compensate for the damaged
brain cells in Logan so he will be able to have a productive and
wonderful life. Much like the way the body and brain can compensate for
a blind person or someone with other disabilities. His parents have
basically secluded themselves and are concentrating on learning the
skills they are going to need in order to care for Logan once he comes
home. My updates are coming from his Grandma Gail’s employers, who Gail
is in touch with daily. Some days there is good news and some days, there are no changes. Please, continue to pray for Logan and the family. Also, can you please add to the prayer that the many benefits and fundraiser’s for Logan that are being held are a great success. The insurance company is fighting the claim and this is causing so much stress on the family. The fundraiser’s so far have helped raised quite a bit of money, but Logan’s hospital bills are already in excess of $1M. As you can imagine, this is devastating for the family. I hope you have a Blessed day and a Blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend.
Lisa Thompson Tristan


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