99 Balloons

I found this video this evening and before you click on play, I must advise you of a few things.  You will cry.  You will need to make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand.  When the video is over you will spend a few minutes crying and drying your tears.  Then, you will think to yourself, how small and insignificant your problems are compared to those of this child and his family. 




Now it is quite possible that your sorrow will turn to anger against God, for allowing this family to experience pain and suffering as well as the suffering that goes on in the world.  If so, think on this; these parents are expressing joy and love for their son and they praise and thank God for him.  God allowed this precious child to come into their lives and even though it was only for a short time, they were blessed and their son Eliot has touched many lives and continues to touch lives every day.


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