Who Just Called Me?

Did you ever go to answer the phone after the 3rd ring and find out the caller hung up?  Or how about you check your messages on your answering machine and see there are like 20 calls, but of those 20 only 1 caller left a message, while the others were hang ups or people just saying, “hello, hello???”  Isn’t that like so annoying?

There was a time when I had all the bells and whistles that the phone company offered, Call Waiting, Caller ID and Call Forwarding, just to name a few.  When I lost my job due to personal illness and our savings was depleted we had to find ways to cut back and costly frills like those mentioned above were the first to go. 

The downside to saving a few dollars every month was the stress of dealing with unwanted phone calls.  Even though we have been registered with the National Do Not Call List since its inception, we still get calls from companies wanting us to take a survey, calls from non profit organizations like The Cancer Society, Diabetes Foundation, etc…not to mention the ever dreaded debt collectors.

I have never been one to screen my calls, but between health problems and financial stress, the phone has become my sworn enemy.  It got to the point where I just turned off the ringer and let the answering machine handle the call.  Now that we have Verizon Fios, we have all the bells and whistles again and because we have a bundled offer, these features aren’t costing me any additional monies, and in actuality, we’re paying less for more – which is always a plus.

Any-who, I’ve been trying to get everyone out of the habit of turning off the ringer since we have caller ID and I’ve noticed some really weird phone numbers popping up along with a lot of UNAVAILABLE or NO DATA. 

There was a really weird ID tonight so I decided to search for it through YAHOO, (because I really don’t like GOOGLE that much anymore) and I came across a pretty cool site that I thought you’d like to check out.

The site is called “Who Called Us”, and it’s really pretty cool.  You can search a number which will show you any comments that others have left as well as let you leave your own comment.  I know people use Google to look up phone numbers but what makes this site so cool is that you get to see the feedback left by people who received the calls and you can leave feedback of your own. 

So after looking up the weird ID, I decided to check out some of the numbers that have been popping up on my caller ID and found out that lots of them are survey companies and some of them are debt collectors. 

Here’s the weird thing, from reading some of the comments, people are getting calls from debt collectors who don’t even have debts.  These “collection” companies are using underhanded tactics to try and locate people that have write off accounts with other companies and will use all sorts of dirty tricks to get the information they want.

The sad part of all this is that even though you are registered with Do Not Call, you will still get calls, but you can report the numbers so keep the Do Not Call and Who Called Us sites bookmarked and take the time to look up the numbers on your Caller ID and report them.  Oh yeah, and whenever possible, DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE, and if you do, keep a record of the Date, Time, Caller Name, Company and Phone Number and DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION OUT!  Oh, and make sure you let the caller know you will be reporting them as they are violating FCC laws because even though they have a right to collect a debt, they do not have the right to harass anyone!


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