This Is a real Head Banger!

My mom sent this to me today and I wanted to share it with all of you!  Enjoy and God bless you – Briggie ^i^


Personal Word of Challenge – “This is a Real Head Banger”

Have you ever felt like you just banged your head against a wall?  Maybe you actually have banged your head against the wall.  As a teenager, I was hurriedly running into our basement from the backyard.  Being distracted, I somehow actually ran face first into the frame of the opened door.  The pressure from the blunt force literally burst open my top right eyebrow and blood began to profusely pour out.  The strange thing to me at the moment was the fact that the blunt force also numbed the injured area so I didn’t realize for several moments that I was actually hurt.

I believe that there are many Christians  who are suffering from certain injuries and do not even realize it because they have been numbed by the effectuating events leading up to their wall experience.  In many cases, wall experiences are subtle tactics to lessen the effectiveness of ministry without a person ever knowing.

When you run face first into a wall and you find yourself lying flat on your back, you usually get up, dust yourself off and continue forward.  After all, there is work to be done.  However, what most do not realize is that they go a little more slowly forward, hesitantly walking step by step so as not to hit another wall.  This is what usually hinders great ideas from being realized.  It is a tactic to prevent spiritual breakthrough.  It is a cunning plan the enemy has used to bring the church to a slow pace, and in some cases, a stand still condition.

I’ve been with Christians who are afraid to say what God has placed on their hearts.  I’ve seen Christians who are so insecure from past experiences they micromanage everything in attempt to keep control.  I know of way too many Christian leaders who have left their calling completely to avoid further conflict.  And, in the extreme cases, I know some who are now wayward from God.

Do not allow the enemy to get this foothold in your life and ministry!  Be on guard!  Do this today.
1 – As you pray, ask God to show you where you may be hurting and unaware of it.
2 – As you pray, state your case to God for the hurts that do weigh heavy on your heart.
3 – Ask God for forgiveness if you have failed by not sharing when you should have or by being too controlling when you should have been more empowering.
4 – If needed, ask for forgiveness if your hurt involves another.
5 – Forgive those you need to forgive.
6 – Forgive yourself.
7 – Become more diligent in the Word.
8 – Seek the fire and excitement of your calling.
9 – Find time to retreat and be refreshed.
10 – Ask God for supernatural, Holy Spirit-given insight to see the walls ahead of you.  You can avoid them, go over them, or break through them.  In any case, God can enable you to avoid the hurt and continue to run the race at full speed.

–Be Blessed, Gary R. Linn


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