Update on Logan 4/28

Daniel sent me this update on Logan.  Praise God for His healing hands and mercy.  Please continue to lift Logan up before the Lord along with his family.

I am very happy to say that Logan is making some progress. He is opening his eyes, turning his head, and posturing. I’m not sure what they mean by posturing, so if anyone can say what is meant by that, it would be great. They are baby steps, but we’ll take them. His mom says that they still have him on the ventilator to keep a good supply of oxygen to his brain. His condition is still critical, and he is still hour to hour, day to day and things could change at any time.

My dearest prayer warrior friends,

I was blessed to see Logan and hold his precious little hand this afternoon. The staff as been trying to wean him off the vent– shortly before I saw him, Logan was able to breath on his own without the support of the vent…the vent has NOT been removed but he was not having to use it to support his breathing. YEA!!!! God!!!!! He looked very peaceful without any distress. His O2 saturations were 99%, his blood pressure and heart rate seemed within normal limits His dad and sisters said he has squeezed their hand. He has ankle/foot braces on for 4 hours and off for 2…I think that is the schedule. Physical therapy is coming in to do range of motion and it appears he responds to a poke on his foot. His last MRI seems to show LESS brain damage than previous ones. The family said the Dr’s. don’t know what to make of it but and we ( the family and all other faithful believers in God’s almighty healing power) know a miracle when we see it. The family said Logan is scheduled to have a feeding tube surgically placed on Wed. They will also continue the repair to his right shoulder and do a tracheotomy (IF necessary)

The family is grateful for your prayers.  Keep them coming. I will be glad to forward any prayer or comment  to the family.  They seem quite hopeful and listen to what the Dr’s. say but put their faith in the One true Healer. I spoke with grandpa George and was relieved to see he also has a great sense of hope and gratefulness to our Heavenly Father. Please continue your prayer vigils they work.

Pray also for Shelby’s and Haley’s  focus as they both have TAKS test next week. We all know those test are of no consequence in the big scheme of life but required nonetheless. I cannot even imagine having to worry about a test at a time like this. 

Daddy God thank you for the gifts we receive, continue to watch over all the prayer warriors, forgive us our sins  and help us to reconcile our will to yours, In Jesus holy name. Amen

love lwm


One thought on “Update on Logan 4/28

  1. Many poople are praying for and asking for updates on Logan.I checked Google to find this page. We praise God for the slightest improvement.

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