Prayer Request Jose

Well brothers and sisters in Christ, I come to you asking for prayer for my husband.

Tomorrow morning he will undergo surgery to remove a tumor from the left side of his neck.  He detected it about a year ago, but did not say anything and because he is a husky guy and wears a beard it was not easily visible.

One day about 2 months ago I was rubbing his shoulders when I noticed it and that’s when he told me about it.  Needless to say I lifted him up to the Lord and then made him go to the doctors.

They did a needle biopsy however it came back as “undetermined” meaning they could not say if it was benign, or malignant.  To be quite honest, it didn’t matter to me one way or the other, the mass needs to come out and I know the God I serve so I’ve had true peace about the whole thing.  My husband has placed himself in God’s hands, but he is still human and has some anxiety about the procedure.  I think it’s because the surgery will involve them turning his neck a full 180 degrees and for the past 2 years he has barely been able to turn his neck side to side or lift his head up and down.  This is due to being rear-ended in July 2006 and then again in August 2007.

As for me, I think this will be a good thing because they will have him sedated and they will move his neck farther than it has in years.  I know this will case him major discomfort, however I also know that God can work this out so that Jose will not experience pain.

Please lift Jose up before the Lord with me as we declare that this tumor will be completely removed and that there will be no side effects, pain or hindrance for him.  Agree with me in prayer that God will place His angels over my husband and watch over him during surgery and that He will guide the hands of the surgeons and nurses that will be taking care of him.  I claim healing and restoration for Jose in the mighty name of Jesus, Jehovah Rophe, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach!


One thought on “Prayer Request Jose

  1. Dear Abba Father,
    We ask to lift up to You Jose for perfect peace to come upon him and to trust You to do this thing for him.
    We know it is done.
    In Yeshua’s Name,

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