Update on Logan 4/21

Here is the latest update on Logan. Thank you to all of you for forwarding the prayer requests and lifting this family into the healing embrace of Our Lord. 

The doctors are taking Logan off of the sedation medications that have been keeping him in a coma and try to wake him up. They are awaiting results from chest xrays and an MRI that has been done. The bolt that was inserted to measure the pressure in his brain has been removed also.


Lisa Thompson

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5 thoughts on “Update on Logan 4/21

  1. Does anyone have an update for this little boy? I was baby-sitting a 2-year-old when our carpet cleaner guy accidentally ran over her in the driveway and she died. This is something close to my heart and I haven’t seen any updates for over a week anywhere. Is everything pretty much the same.

  2. Audrey, thanks so much for stopping by and letting us know that you are praying and passing the word along. I know that Logan and his family are so very grateful for all the prayers. There is power in prayer and where two are more stand in agreement there is even greater power. God bless you and keep you in His care,

  3. I received a prayer request for Logan and have sent updates to several people praying for him and his family as well!! I would like the family to know that there is a prayer chain continually going on!! Thanks for all the updates & We will continue to pray for Logan and his family!!

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