Update On Logan 4/16

Daniel has sent another update for Logan, please continue to lift him and his family up to the Lord… Take care and God bless you,



here are the links to his prayer request and 4/14 update


Here is the latest update I’ve gotten. Thank you so much for everything and for all of the prayers.

Just got off the phone with Gail. She reported that Logan has a good night. They still haven’t done the shunt and the dr’s are supposed to be deciding whether or not they will be doing it or not.

He has leveled out and the brain pressure is staying the same and not rising so that is good. They haven’t said anything about taking him off of the RX that is making him stay in the coma, but they did tell them that it takes 6-8 hrs for the drug to start leaving his body so that he can start waking up. Gail is hoping they will want to do that soon so they can see exactly how he is affected and to what degree.

So basically everything is still the same…



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