Shout To The Lord – Idol Gives Back

When I saw this on American Idol the other night, I was just blown away.  First of all, while there have been contestants in the past that have sung praise and worship songs, I don’t recall the entire group ever giving praise unto the Lord like this.  Secondly, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit in my living room and I just stood in awe of God.  Only He could have orchestrated that performance and for the entire audience to sit and listen and then give a standing ovation was simply amazing. 

Over 30 million people watch American Idol every week and because of YouTube, countless more will watch this performance.  I will never tire of watching this video, nor will I never tire of hearing this song, every time I hear it, I feel the presence of the Lord and I am reduced in love to tears.  I am listing the words as well as the video and if you are an Ipod user, you can go to Itunes and download it.


My Jesus, my Saviour

Lord there is none like You

All of my days, I want to praise

The wonders of Your mighty love

My comfort, my shelter

Tower of refug and strength

Let every breath, all that I am

Never cease to worship You

Shout to the Lord

All the earth, let us sing

Power and majesty

Praise to the King

Mountains bow down

And the seas will roar

At the sound of Your name

I sing for joy at the work

Of Your hand

Forever I’ll love you

Forever I’ll stand

Nothing compares

To the promise I have

In You


3 thoughts on “Shout To The Lord – Idol Gives Back

  1. I felt the same thing! I told my daughter that wasn’t just a token Christian song. That was the real thing. I wonder who made the decision? Any ideas? It’s gotta be someone pretty powerful in the company. Praise God!!!

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