Update on Logan 4/14

He has some bruised organs and a broken rib and punctured lung from the chest injury. Logan is currently in a drug induced coma at Children’s Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston.  His brain is still quite swollen and they’ve inserted a bolt to try to relieve some pressure and reduce the swelling. Things are still the same today (Sat. 12th). It is still too early to tell if Logan will have any permanent brain damage or even if Logan will survive. We are asking for prayers for Logan, of course, for his mom and dad Jeff & Michelle, his sisters Shelby, Haley, and Makenzie and all grandparents and relatives.

We are just asking that The Lord embrace this family in his healing arms and bring this family through this. We are wanting for enough people to pray for this family all across the US and beyond so they will feel the prayers working while they keep their vigilance with Logan.


Logan is still very critical. I am told that they are going to remove the bolt this afternoon and insert a shunt to help relieve the fluid on his brain. Everything is still, basically, minute to minute, hour to hour.

I’ve included some beautiful pictures of this handsome boy. He truly looks like an angel in these.

Please, continue to pray.

Thank you again for all of the prayers for Logan and his family. They do appreciate all of the love being shown to them.

Logan1 logan2


One thought on “Update on Logan 4/14

  1. Logan is such a beautiful baby boy and I hope and pray that God will send an angel to watch over him and that he will make it through this very emotional and tough time. My prayers go to the family also, I know they are in great pain.Such a beautiful little angel face, may God keep him in our world.

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