Prayer Request for Logan Stehno

I received this prayer request from my friend Daniel, please lift Logan and his family up in prayer.  Please pray for the doctors and nurses that are attending to Logan that they will allow God to guide them and use them in Logan’s healing.  Please pray for Logan’s family that they will have the strength and courage to place Logan in God’s hands and lean on God and His wisdom.  Pray for Logan’s grandfather, that God will give him peace that only He can give.  Thank you and God bless you all for praying…briggie ^i^


I need some help in getting as many people as possible to pray for a 3 year old little boy and his family. Last Friday, Logan Stehno was accidentally run over by his Grandpa.

Logan’s grandparents and parents are very good friends of mine and my husband’s. Grandpa was leaving the house to go pick up Logan’s sisters at school and did not see Logan follow him out of the house. Grandma was taking care of Logan’s 4 year old sister. Sadly, when Grandpa was backing out, he backed over Logan’s head and chest. Logan just has some bruised organs from the chest injury, but the head injury is much more severe. Logan is currently in a drug induced coma.

The doctors at Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston are going to try to start bringing him out of the coma today. If there are complications that arise, they will then put him back into a coma and cool his body so that the brain can begin to heal. His brain is still quite swollen. It is still too early to tell if Logan will have any permanent brain damage or even if Logan will survive.

We are asking for prayers for Logan, of course, for his mom and dad Jeff & Michelle, his sisters Shelby, Haley, and Makenzie. We are asking for special prayers for Grandma and Grandpa George & Lydia Yackel. Thank the Lord that Lydia is a retired nurse and was able to perform CPR on Logan until they arrived @ the hospital. These families live in a very rural area, and if they had waited for an ambulance, Logan probably would not have lived. We are just asking that The Lord embrace this family in his healing arms and bring this family through this. We are wanting for enough people to pray for this family all across the US and beyond so they will feel the prayers working while they keep their vigilance with Logan.

Please forward this prayer request to as many people as you can. Thank you and may God Bless You!


5 thoughts on “Prayer Request for Logan Stehno

  1. Briggie, I’m sorry, Logan is not my son. His family are our closest friends and stayed with us for 2 yrs. They now live just a couple blocks away. I am Chuncle Bill and he was my little buddy ChoLogan. The only pain greater than I feel, would that of Scoot and Tricia Kendrick, his parents. I awake in the mornings weeping, there is no way to imagine how much worse it is for them.

    It was a medical mistake that put him in the coma, compounded by Doctors trying to cover thier rear ends, litigiously, and not communicating what they had done. He died from a hospital’s fear of a lawsuit. The first hospital Intubated his esophagas, effectively choking off his trachea, while pumping the life giving oxygen into his tummy. As he struggled and spasmed, fighting for his life, they drugged him to calm him down.

    This is not for public posting, it is to clarify to you, and caution the family not to rush. FTR, “Failure to Rescue” account for 61,000 deaths each year at hospitals in America. google it
    Please keep us updated on Logan’s progress, while we continue praying. Thank You
    Quoting ChoLogan
    “God Bless Everyone. The End”

  2. Dear Bill, thank you so much for prayers and sharing the loss of your precious son. I know that Logan’s family appreciates your thoughts and prayers. May the peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you.
    Briggie ^i^

  3. Don’t be in a rush to bring him out of the coma. On 2/05/08 our 3 yr old Logan was called to heaven. The doctors didn’t have a clear understanding of what was wrong. They reduced the drugs, the brain swelled and here we are. I know it’s hard, we all wanted him to wake up. Patience is my advice. Our family will continue to pray for little Logan Stehno and his family.

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