Verizon FIOS and XBOX Live / Wireless Problems

Okay, so earlier this week I posted about how much I LOVE my new FIOS service and I must admit I spoke a bit too soon.

Don’t get me wrong, the TV is awesome and my Internet surfing is really fast and I love the Caller ID and unlimited long distance for the phone. 

So why am I blogging about it again?  XBOX and FIOS don’t go well together.  Neither does the word “tech support”.  My sons love XBOX and Halo and ever since the FIOS was installed, the connection was slower than molasses.

My son tried to figure it out so he called Verizon, who told him they could not help him and to call XBOX Live, who told him to open the gaming ports on the router, but couldn’t tell him how to do it and to call Verizon.  Verizon told him how to unlock the ports but still no success so they told him to contact the manufacturer of the router who could help him for a modest fee of $29.95 per issue.

That’s when I decided enough was enough and began a web search to see if others were having the same problem and lo and behold, I was one of many, many, many, FIOS/XBOX users to have this issue.  In fact, everyone that had XBOX who went with FIOS lost their connection or had connectivity issues with their XBOX Live.

I came across several message boards but found one the most helpful.  After searching through 16 pages of posts I found the answer I was looking for.  The instructions were easy to understand and the fix seemed simple and quick which was right up my alley.  Some of the fixes suggested on the board made me feel like I would have needed a certificate in programming to figure it out.

I know there are thousands of people out there getting ready to have FIOS installed and lots of them also subscribe to XBOX, so I decided to post the fix here, just in case someone out there reads my blog and can use this info. 

Good luck and game on – and if you do happen to have the same problem I did and have trouble getting your XBOX working, feel free to leave me a comment, I’ll get back to you!

*** FIOS Actiontec Router Firmware Patch ***

Download this file by going to:


2. Save it to your desktop for easy access. 

3. Once downloaded, go to the router page ( login and then select  advanced and click on Firmware upgrade.

4. Click on force and browse to the file on your desktop. It’s a pretty quick process depending on your computer – FYI I have Vista…

5. Restart your router if it doesn’t restart on it’s own. The page will refresh and ask you to login again.

6. Next, turn on your XBOX, or restart it if it’s already on.

7. You will have to detect your wireless network re-enter your WEP Key and you should be good to go.

** please note if you made any changes to the settings in your router prior to trying this fix, you will have to reset it, then do steps 6 and 7 and you should be up and running. 

*** Update 5/2 I wanted to let everyone know that from the time my FIOS was installed, until Friday May 2nd I had major connectivity issues with my internet.  We made numerous calls to which they had us power cycle the router, reset the router, change the channel on the router, change the transmission rate on the router and they even sent a new router via UPS (with a pre-paid return label and UPS still wanted to charge me $11 to pick it up which I didn’t pay) and finally a support rep scheduled a tech to come to the house.  Once the tech came out, they did some checking of the box outside and the wiring inside then put in another router (this made #3) and FINALLY, our connectivity problems are resolved.  No more hiccups, no more being bumped off.  What are the odds that the first 2 routers were bad???  If you force in the firmware update, have changed the channel on your router, have set the transmission rate to AUTO versus 54 and still have issues, DEMAND THEY SEND A TECH OUT.  The tech who came to my house told me they should have offered a service call from day one because there are so many things that can go wrong that they can’t see over the phone.  Also, did you know that EVERYONE who gets FIOS, gets a router, even if they only have Tv service.  They use the router to update the set top boxes and DVR.  Who knew?  Now my wireless network works great, and it’s time to call customer service and demand some credit on my bill!!!!!


38 thoughts on “Verizon FIOS and XBOX Live / Wireless Problems

  1. I am using fios too and my Internet is awful for Xbox live…I tried all the steps but when I
    download the firmware upgrade it’s saved as a file that is unrecognized with the icon on the desktop that looks like a file or song that’s missing it’s source…in anycase I still went for it but the force upgrade option is not compatible with the file same as one of the latest posts… Any help would be great

    1. hello,
      have you had a service tech to your place to check out the router at your pc and the one coming into the house? once we have a service call, we stopped having problems!

  2. Hey i tried the steps and everything worked fine until i tried to force the update. When I browsed the file and clicked on it, it cued up the file in the box and I clicked ok. However it promptly told me “The firmware upgrade file is not compatible” and all I was left to do was press cancel to bring me back to the previous page.

    1. hello DeAndre,

      have you ever logged in to your router page? if so, did you change your username and password? when you first get installed with fios, you get a paper that has your log in information. if you do not have the book or initial paperwork, you can go online and chat with a rep to get logged in, or you can call them. usually the first time you log in the userid is admin and the password is password1.

      good luck

  3. Hi i seem to get disconnected from live after 5- 15 minutes of being on. I have gotten disconnected while playing a game, and while just being on a live chat party. I have tried restarting my xbox 360 and i still am unable to connect. I am usually able to get connected after fooling around on the 360 menu and just trying to reconnect a little later. This just started happening about 3 days ago and i have had my x box 360/ wireless adapter for about 2 weeks

  4. Hi Briggie,

    Thanks for your response. Actually, the router is an Actiontec router provided by Verizon. They can’t figure out what the problem is. I suspect the router doesn’t have the proper QOS features but can’t prove it. I am giving VZ another few weeks and if this is not fixed I am going back to Comcast. They will be offering Docsis 3.0 by YE which should match Fios’s speed.

    Thanks again.


  5. Hi Nana, yes, and yes, but remember – Xbox is not WiFi like the Sony PS and Wii so you’ll only be as fast as their server will allow, but for the most part aside from getting kicked off their server every now and then, no problems or complaints to report. Now, it’s also summertime which means lots and lots of people who normally would be at work or in school are on their server which is probably one of the main reasons why they have connectivity issues.

  6. Hey, nice article. So just making sure.. once I download the updates, I should be able to connect to xbox live wireless through my router? Will it still have that perfect speed of FIOS?

  7. Hi Manouch, the problem is with your router and the wireless settings. who is your ISP provider and what kind of router do you have? the fact that your hard wired pc can still get on is the indicator that it’s related to your router and wireless info. If the router is being provided by your ISP, you can contact them to see what you can do to fix the settings. You may need a new router. If you purchased the router on your own, call their customer service and they can walk you through getting into your router page and correct the settings.

    good luck! and I’ll keep looking for more info for you.


  8. Hello, I have a question. When my son gets online with his XBox 360, wireless on the router goes dead and I can’t get online through wireless. However, my desktop which is hard wired works.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



  9. Hi Bren, you need to type in the router ip address. if you have verizon, it should be if you have never logged into your page, the username should be – admin – the password should be – password – or password1 – good luck

  10. I’m trying to log in on the router page, but it seems my mail id and password are not what I need to enter. Any idea what needs to be entered here? Is it a standard entry for all routers?

    BTW, thanks for posting this!

  11. Hi Chris, the WEP key is an encryption code that each router comes with. If you are using a Verizon router, it is on a label on the bottom of the router. It is a must have for anything that connects to your router wirelessly, such as a printer, computer, xbox, ps3, wii, pda…

  12. Thank you so much for that fix. We have had Fios since last June and had to hook up to xbox via the Linksys router to the Actiontec gateway in order to get a connection – and a lousy one at that. Your patch worked like charm, my daughter likes to play xbox live Halo 3 with her brother who lives out of state and it will be nice not playing without getting disconnected all the time.

  13. I’ve read that you can simply unplug the wireless router that Verizon supplied and plug your old router in. The only reason they want people to use theirs is because theirs has software on it that helps them diagnose your Internet connection remotely. They would have had to use CAT5 Ethernet cable instead of coax cable on the install though or you would have to bridge your old wireless router to the Verizon router. I’m thinking of having Fios installed also. I’m going to insist that they use CAT5 Ethernet cable for the internet connection. :

    “I understand that some users disconnect the D-Link router (and save it — it comes bundled with the installation) and connect their own router. For example, some people have Linksys units with wireless that they find to have stronger signals in their homes than the D-Link. Apparently using other routers (connecting using PPPoE) works. However, as I understand it, that practice is not officially supported by Verizon which claims to use special diagnostic software in the routers. (From their FAQ: “Your router also contains special diagnostic software that can help us trouble-shoot and correct problems should you experience trouble with your Internet Service. You will need to use the Verizon router with your FiOS Internet service.”)
    -Dan Bricklin, 15 September 2005″

  14. Thanks for this post. I have been having problems connecting to XBOX LIVE and have been amazed how how Verizon does not seem to care about this large and growig group of households with gaming systems.

    I can’t wait to try this out tonight.


  15. Hi Jim, thanks for visiting my site and thanks for the feedback. I went to your site – really cool and I like how you listed the fios fix – great job!

  16. Thanks Doris, my son was just telling me I should create a blog for putting info and tips for your pc and video games. Maybe I’ll take him up on the idea.

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