Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

yellow pages

My mom sent me this awesome link today and you have to check it out.  The theme of the site is the ever popular “Yellow Pages” but with a biblical twist.  Rather than have business references, it has scriptural references.  Need advice on worship –  Go to John 4:23-24.  Want to know how to have abundant life – try John 10:10.  Want help with adultery, anger or anxiety, check out Matthew. 

You scroll through the topics and then click on the link and off you go to Biblegateway.com which is an excellent resource for locating biblical passages and you get to view them in several versions like King James, Amplified, New International Version, just to name a few.

You can bookmark the page and if you use IE 7, you can even create a tab for it so that it automatically launches every time you go on the Internet!

I don’t know who took the time to create this site, but it is obvious they put a lot of time, effort and love for the Lord into it.  To check out the site, just click on the yellow pages icon above or click HERE.


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