Terri and Larry Prayer request Update

Hi prayer warriors, back in September I posted a prayer request for Terri and Larry and I am posting an update for them.

Larry has recuperated from the surgery he had as a result of the bad fall from the deer stand but still hasn’t found another job.  His wife, Terri, is carrying the full financial burden now so please stand in agreement with me that God will place Larry in a good job so that he can walk in the authority and position as head of his household.  May Larry declare to the Lord that he will put aside all negative, limiting thoughts about what kind of work he will do, or where he will work.  May Larry open himself up to all of the possibilities through God and call forth a perfect, satisfying, well paying job all allow the Lord to direct his steps, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Pray that God will give Terri the strength and courage to support her family financially during this time and that she will also lift her husband and children up to the Lord in daily prayer.  May Terri declare that no weapon formed against her shall prosper, and that she will fear no evil for the Lord is with her and His Word and Spirit are there to comfort her.  May Terri take up the shield of faith and stand against every evil the enemy tries bring against her, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Terri and Larry Prayer request Update

  1. Please hear me out. I need $1000 before August. The job I had that would have given me the opportunity to do so is not able to be reached by public transportation & the car is not running. I missed 2-3 days of work already for this & I was only supposed to work about 4-5 days, so I missed out on half of the blessing that was there for me & I need the money ASAP. Also please pray that I will be accepted in multiple surveys & studies, paying the most in addition to the $1000 I still need. I am doing what I can to pay off the over due bills. Pray that I and Audrey & others will have favor with the John Whitehead foundation for work in the music industry as writers, producers, or possible A&R’s for maximum pay available for each of us & we’ll know it & have favor to be able to submit our work to artist we’ve been writing for through the foundation & many other sources. Pray that we get the best contracts that is more than fair, that we get the positions so that we can be accepted and move into the town homes we’ve been looking at in Jesus name. That we’ll make more than enough to stay there for as long as we desire & for Audrey’s mother to stop harassing her, she is mental ill, spiritually ill & is into devilish things & has lied about her & her son to the city, trying to take Darren from her. Audrey is doing her best & Darren is doing fine, however Audrey mother is making Audrey’s life very difficult. We all need a breather. Me & Audrey love God & are expecting the best from LOVE today & everyday in Jesus name Amen.

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