Jennifer Kirk Prayer Update

In February, I posted a prayer request for Doris’ granddaughter Jennifer.  Thank you and praise God for each of you that prayed for her.  Her surgery date is finally scheduled for April 10th at Cooper Hospital.  She has finally gotten the insurance taken care of and God has sustained her these past few months.

Please continue to lift Jennifer up to the Lord that He will continue to hold her in His arms.  Pray for the doctors and nurses and hospital staff that will look after Jennifer that they will allow God to work through them.  Pray that Jennifer’s surgery will be swift and without complications and that she will heal quickly and without pain.  May she declare that Jesus bore all of her sickness and carried her pain when he was nailed to the cross.  He bore her sin on his body therefore she is healed by His stripes and will give no place to sickness or pain, through God’s Word she is healed, she is an overcomer and dead to sin and alive to righteousness, in Jesus name, Amen.


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