Works For Me Wednesday


Okay, I know that we are supposed to use this weekly theme to list things that we use or do that have helped us with one thing or another and then post it for others to see in the hopes that they too will benefit from our tip.  Well, this week I wanted to switch things up a bit and post something that I want to share with others that isn’t about a recipe, child rearing, weight loss, financial find or household tip.  This WFMW is of the spiritual nature specifically aimed at women.  Linda, one of my bloggy friends shared it with me and now I’m sharing it with you.

It’s called Christian Women Connected and there are over 250 christian women from all over the blogsphere that have signed up and it’s free!  CWC is a social networking blog that brings women together to pray and connect in spirit and faith, and because I believe so deeply that prayer is powerful I can’t think of a better reason to join, plus I love how the site allows HTML so you can send cutsey clipart and animated graphics.  The very first day I signed up I had several messages welcoming me to CWC and found lots of sisters in christ and groups to join in with.  There are groups that focus on prayer, some have bible study, others focus on our Troops and there are some that are just for fun.  Take a moment and visit their site, or head over to mine and leave me a message to let me know you stopped by.


2 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday

  1. Hi Kelly, I was invited to join by a blog buddy or I wouldn’t have known about it either. So glad that there are angels out there looking out for us.

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