Missing Images in IE 7 Update!


Okay, I blogged earlier in the week about my ongoing hate/hate relationship with Windows Vista and IE 7.  I decided that since Microsoft wasn’t doing anything about the problem, I’d take the advice of others and use Firefox to see stuff like YouTube and images that IE 7 kept telling me I wasn’t allowed to see because I didn’t have the most current Flash Player (which I know I have because if I didn’t, how could I see it through Firefox???)

Anyway, I tried searching again for a fix by typing ‘internet explorer and macromedia flash’ to see what would come up and about 4 links down I came across the site “The Software Patch” and PRAISE GOD, they had the answer and the fix.

If you are experiencing problems similiar to mine, go to their site, follow their instructions and in just minutes you will be viewing all your images through your browser just like me!  If you want the correction for IE, click HERE or the link above.  If you want to go to their home page, click HERE or the icon at the top of my post!


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