New Me – New Outfits!

So, I went shopping today for the first time in 3 years.  I don’t know what size I was before my surgery.  I do know that I haven’t been able to fit into clothes at Lane Bryant for 3 years and they go up to size 32.  Now, I know that women’s clothing sizes fluctuate due to material, design, style and so on.  It’s possible to wear a size 26 in one style jeans, 24 in another and a 22 in another.  Men don’t have nearly as much trouble as we do.  A man with a 38 waist wears a 38 pants – end of story.

Now, I was wearing mens 3X sweat pants (prior to my surgery) and they were snug to say the least.  I was wearing mens 4X and 5X shirts tops and while they were way too long in the arms, and way too big up top, they fit around my hips and butt!

So, now to the good stuff – my trip to Lane Bryant!  When I entered the store I was a bit apprehensive – actually I was A LOT apprehesive.  I didn’t see anything that caught my eye, and they have changed their sizing for jeans and I was totally out of my comfort zone.  I was worried that I would try on jeans only to find that they A-didn’t come big enough to fit my fat butt, B-looked horrible on me or C-would be way too expensive.

I started looking through the jeans to find a size 26, good place to start I guess since most of the jeans I fit into from my drawers are 26-28 and they are big on me.  The problem was that most of the jeans were either 28’s or 22’s and I had no idea how to figure out the new color coded sizes which were yellow, red or blue and sizes 1-8.  I grabbed a 26 and 22 and headed for the fitting room.  The 26’s fit, and were a bit loose – good sign but I was really hoping they’d be falling off my butt.  The 22’s didn’t even come up over my hips – figures!  Not to mention the prices – don’t even get me started!

Next on the list, a new bra. I had the sales associate size me up and she said I could wear either a 40 F or a 42 DDD.  This cracked me up because right now I’m wearing a 46 DDD and while I know the “girls” have gotten smaller, I never imagined they got that small.  She suggested an under-wire molded bra.  I nearly wet myself from laughing at what a 42 DDD molded bra looked like on the hanger.  Why on earth would I want a bra that looked like it would make me even bigger than I already was.  I laughed bras in hand as I entered the fitting room.  But the final laugh was on me because after I got it on (which took some maneuvering) the girls were standing at attention and I found it was easier to breathe. 

I got up the courage to ask about their new sizes and found that I would be a “blue” girl and should start around a 6.  So, to clarify, the blue code means you are fuller in the hip and tush area – THAT’S ME!  I grabbed a 6 petite and I’m so happy to report – they were too big.  I then grabbed a 5 and again too big.  I wasn’t able to find a 4 petite so I settled for a 4 average – and I would have preferred the stone washed blue versus the  navy blue but hey – they fit and they were under $40!  Here’s the best part, the associate told me that a 4 is the equivalant of a size 20 – woo hoo!!!

Okay, now it’s time to find a new top.  I grabbed a few tops sized 22/24 and off to the fitting room yet again.  I was so blown back when I realized I needed a smaller size!  My son was with me so it was his job to pick out a few tops in various colors and styles in a size 18/20!  This was the best part of the day!  I found a few tops that looked really great, and some that fit great but the color just wasn’t me – especially the ultra orange and power packed pink ones! 

After some giggles and oohs and ahhs and hey miss thang (this is me checking me out in the mirror) it was time to decide on what to get.  I decided on the pink top pictured below and a brown top also pictured!  I got 2 bras, one black and one cream and the size 26 jeans and the size 4 jeans.  I was happy with the outfits but I was not as happy about the price tags but once all was said and done and everything was rung up it all came to $158.00.  This is pretty cool since the jeans were $40 each, the tops were $35 each and the bras were also $35 each.  That adds up to $220 so with the sales I saved $62, and I received a coupon for 40% off my next purchase and 3 $25 coupons for a sales event they are having in a few weeks. 

And now, without further ado, the photos –

P3050068   P3050069 P3050070

   P3050075 P3050076 P3050077

So, that’s it for now!  Can you tell I got’s a new attitude??!!


4 thoughts on “New Me – New Outfits!

  1. thanks Mom, I can’t believe I’m wearing size 18/20 shirts – it’s been years and years and years since I’ve been able to fit into this size. wish you could have been in that dressing room with me, you would have pee’d yourself – and i mean LITERALLY pee’d yourself laughing, it was a hoot! love you xoxoxoxox

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