Works For Me Wednesday – Backwards Edition


So, Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer has declared this weeks WFMW to be a backwards edition, which means rather than post a helpful hint or impart my wisdom upon my readers, I post a question or dilemna.  Since I like to consider myself an expert at problem solving, this version of WFMW always has me stumped – but I’ve come up with a question I hope ya’ll can help me with.

How do you treat doggy breath?

Aside from regular brushing and avoiding unhealthy treats, how do you treat “doggy breath”!  And I literally mean, “doggy breath”.  My son’s dog, Handsome has recently developed the worst breath that even getting close to his face is more than I can bare. P1120027

I asked the Vet what could be causing it – here are some of the questions they asked:

Does he eat his own poo? – NO!, Yuck!

Do you give him a lot of treats? – Not really, no more than my other dog (who doesn’t have doggy breath) and when I do, they are usually Milk Bones or something big and crunchy ’cause he’s a really big dog!PC250001 Ain’t he cute, I mean Handsome??

Do you give him table food?  Sometimes, but usually it’s chicken, or beef.

Does he have plaque or tartar buildup?  Nope, see for yourself – very clean choppers!

Do you feed him soft or dry food?  Dry only, Beneful Healthy Weight, which has lots of veggies and Chicken.

His poo is normal, his blood work is great and he’s a really healthy dog.

A friend told me about this stuff she bought at the pet store.  She puts a few drops in her dogs water every day and after about 2 weeks she noticed an improvement.  This is all well and good, but A, I don’t want to get into a routine where I have to buy this stuff every month ’cause it’s not that cheap, B if there is something Homeopathic we can use I prefer to go that route and C, what if he stops drinking his water???


6 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday – Backwards Edition

  1. Hi Debby, thanks for the suggestions. I must say I’ve cut down on the human food, but sometimes when they look at you with those big brown eyes and they wag their tales and sit right up next to you as if to say, “i love you mom” it just melts my heart. I am going to try the apple and orange trick – thanks!

  2. hi mom2fur, i know what you mean – ugh….i like that you call it death breath, we’ve been calling it something a little less PC… we do have these pet mints but he could eat a case of them and still have icky breath…

  3. dear rockstar, thanks for the tea tree oil idea – i’ll check it out. i know that they lick themselves as a form of housecleaning, but come on….ick!

  4. I wish I had some advice for you, I have two dogs with the same problem! One of them most likely has it from his (rather disgusting) habit of licking the other dog’s pee (and himself, and her, and just about everything that smells nasty). I’m not sure, other than frequent brushing, what you can do about it that won’t cost a lot of money but I have heard that Tea Tree oil can work (though look it up to find a recipe), and they also make dog breath freshener strips and drops to add to their water. Good luck!

  5. My chihuahua has total death breath. The cutest dog on the planet, and he stinks. And he’s healthy in all ways, too. I did find a product that helps temporarily, at least. It is from Pedigree and called “Breath Busters.” I’ve also heard that “Greenies” do the trick…except they are too pricey for me. Maybe we should get our dogs to learn how to brush their teeth, LOL!

  6. I think one way would be to not give him human food. I found that the minute my dog east human food, esp. meat, she breath stinks. Although, maybe try giving him fruits like apples and oranges. My dog gets about half a fruit every other day and not only is it healthy for her, her breath smells nice and fruity! 🙂

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