Mochiko Chicken Gets 10 thumbs up!

Kailani posted a recipe called “Mochiko Chicken” and I was intrigued as was everyone else that read/replied to her post.  Now, I know a lot of us visit blogs and comment on recipe’s saying how good it looks and how we’ve got to try it – I include myself in this bunch, and for whatever reason, we never get around to trying it. 

Well, I wanted to visit our local Asian market, so this was a great reason for the road trip and to keep my word that I would try it out!.  My son and I went yesterday to the H-Mart in Cherry Hill, NJ, so we could get the Mochiko mochiko  and Shoyu sauceshoyu  because these were the only ingredients I didn’t have in the pantry. I wasn’t able to find “Shoyu” sauce, but learned that it is what we know as Soy Sauce, and I have lots of Kikkoman Soy Saucekikkoman on hand because we love, love, love Sushi Take-Out! 

I was going to start my marinade last night, but the whole gang (daniele, chris and ian-my son from another mother) were here for dinner and I was just too pooped to party after they left. 

So, bright and early this morning I got all my ingredients together and put the chicken into a Ziploc bag with the marinade and every hour I went in and gave it a good mushy mushy.  (I used 4 pounds of boneless chicken thighs and they were pretty big, so I cut them into thirds so they would cook up faster.  Let me stop here and say, the house smelled so nice just from preparing the marinade which got my hopes up pretty high for a tasty chicken dinner.  Looking back I should have snapped some pictures!

I decided some white rice and broiled asparagus spears would be a perfect compliment to the chicken and I was oh-so-right!

I used my Le Crueset knock-off (got it at TJ Maxx soooo cheap, and it looks just like a Le Crueset) Ceramic covered Cast Iron 5 quart pan to fry up the chicken and I had so much fun!  I felt like Paula Deen using my fancy shmansy pan, cooking up this wonderfully aromatic chicken. 

I pre-heated the oven to 400 degrees and then started the water for the rice because it takes around 20 minutes to cook up 3 cups of rice and about 20 minutes for the aparagus to get just right.  I use Carolina Extra Long White Rice carolina rice and 2 bags of Asparagus spears from Aldi’s (sorry don’t have an image 😦 ).  I lay the frozen spears on a cookie sheet, drizzle with EVOO, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil for you non-Rachel Ray viewers, then sprinkle with Kosher Salt and fresh Cracked Pepper.  I roll the spears back and forth with my hands to make sure they all get coated with the oil and spices then pop the cookie sheet onto the middle rack of the oven.  They take about 20 minutes to cook up, and this times out perfrectly with the rice.  Once the spears are in the oven, I got my oil nice and hot (you can use the wooden spoon test to make sure it’s just the right temperature if you don’t have a thermometer – simply place the spoon upside down in the oil and if bubbles quickly form around the tip, the oil is ready!) and then put half the chicken into the oil.  I use a splatter screen to keep the oil from popping and hitting me in the eye – and to keep it from splattering all over the stove!  After 10 minutes, I turned the chicken and about 6 minutes after that I transferred it to a plate lined with a paper towl.  Pictured below is the finished product and everyone gave it a thumbs up, which is why it got 10 thumbs!


My husband said that it was very tasty and while we could come up with some variations, it would be hard to improve on the recipe, so needless to say, this will become a regular on the menu list.  Thanks Kailani for a fast, easy and very tasty dish!


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