Joel Osteen – He Delights In Your Prosperity

A message from Joel Osteen Ministries.

Today’s Scripture

Let the Lord be magnified Who takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant (Psalm 35:27).

Today’s Word from Joel and Victoria

Our God is a running-over God! He doesn’t want you to just have barely enough to meet your own needs, God wants you to be so blessed that when other people get around you, it overflows onto them! He wants you to be so blessed in your finances that not only can you pay your bills and accomplish your own dreams, but you can be a blessing to others. In the same way that a parent loves to see their children doing well and excelling, God wants you to do well and excel in every area. He takes pleasure in prospering you. But the key is that you have to make room for it in your thinking. You have to expect that He wants to bless you. Take a step of faith today toward the dreams that are in your heart. Begin to thank Him for His abundance in every area of your life. Declare that because you walk in obedience, God’s blessings are going to chase you down and overtake you! Don’t just settle for a “good enough” mentality, develop an overflow mentality, and you’ll see God’s hand of blessing in every area of your life!

A Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father, today I surrender my thoughts to You. Develop in me an overflow mentality and teach me to be a blessing to others. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


7 thoughts on “Joel Osteen – He Delights In Your Prosperity

  1. Hello, please pray for my best friend Turker Karatosun whom I love, to come out of confusement and darkness and follow his heart. To stand up for himself & do what he wants to do. To walk away from any darkness that he is afraid of, manipulation and guilt to force him in doing what he does not want to do. To give Turker all the strength he desires in himself now to be honest with himself and others. Give him the inner love & light of his self, faith, deceased parents, brothers, & me to not walk down the road of unhappiness on October 17th. Thank you so very much. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Joel will you please pray for my daugher, Kristen Clark. She is going through a series of tests on her heart and brain. Thank you so much.

  3. Please pray for my husband Dennis and for our family to be able to handle God’s willPlease God, don’t take the love pf my life and leave me to deal with this empty life. I don’t think I can make it without him. I don’t want to be left behind.

  4. Joel can u pray for me and my husband our names are denise and jose pacheco. I used to receive your payers every day their were a blessing to read in the mornings.I’m not happy in my relationship with my husband any more we fuss and I can’t take it any more. We still love each other but I can’t talk to him much any more but he’s a good man, please help us. I watch your service everyday and its always good. Tthank you please send the prayers again.

  5. Every time I read the word I get so excited because it feel as though you are talking directly at me…..Thank You so much for the word each and every day…May God vontinue to bless you

  6. Joel ,
    Thankyou for bringing me closer to God than ever before!
    May The Lord Bless You and Yours always Amen.

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