Missing Images In IE 7

I know most people use Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6, you are the lucky ones.  My laptop has Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 – UGH!!!  Anyway, I’ve tolerated the numerous problems over the past several months but this latest one is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back!

I’ve been going through some of my older posts and noticed that I was not able to see the YouTube videos I posted.  I also noticed that when I visit some fellow bloggers sites, I would not be able to see some of the pictures they posted.  Now, I know what many of you are thinking – You think I’m talking about getting that little white box with the red X – WRONG!  I get a big white box with another little box in the upper left hand corner with a red square, blue triangle and green dot and my post looks like this:  


I’ve done some researching and from what I’ve read, it comes down to my web browser and settings, but there is definitely a problem with IE 7 and Windows Vista because I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and found out there was a problem with my Adobe Flash Player, which IE 7 did not alert me to.  I took care of the Adobe problem, and can now see all  my YouTube posts and images on other sites through Firefox that I still cannot see through my IE 7 browser.

So, I’ve said all that to say this – if you visit my site and cannot see images or YouTube posts, you can quickly and easily install Firefox and the images will appear!  Right now I am running both IE 7 and Firefox at the same time and while I’m more comfortable with IE because I’ve used it for years, I’m liking the fact that I can see images through Firefox that I can’t with IE. 

2 thoughts on “Missing Images In IE 7

  1. hi x, thanks for stopping by and commenting. the problem has been going on for several months from what i have seen on the forums over at microsoft and other sites – it seems like every time microsoft comes out with a patch or update to fix one thing, they jack something else up. what’s really weird is that no matter how many times i’ve installed the latest flash player, my ie 7 does not recognize it while firefox does…interesting huh?

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