Thursday Thirteen – 15th Edition

snowflakes-tt.jpgI know my 14th edition was posted on January 27th, so I’ve missed a few weeks – long story – won’t bother you with it.  This edition is dedicated to the many books I’ve purchased but haven’t read.  Believe me, there’s more than 13, but in keeping with the theme of this Meme, I’ll stick to 13.

Cover Image I’m trying to sit at His feet, but who’s going to cook dinner? – Cathy Lechner

Cover Image The Winter Seeking – Viniti Hampton Wright

Cover Image Unsolved Mysteries of American History – Paul Aron

Cover Image Christian Theology – An Introduction – Alister E. McGrath

Cover Image Goldie Hawn – A Lotus Grows In The Mind – Goldie Hawn

The Blood And The Shroud – Ian Wilson

Cover Image When Christ Comes – Max Lucado

Cover Image Herod – King of the Jews and friend of the Romans – Peter Richardson

Cover Image The Parables of Jesus – S. Parkes Cadman

Cover Image Mind Siege – Tim LaHaye

Cover Image Dune – The Battle of Corrin – Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

Cover Image The Templars Secret Island – Erling Haggensen, Henry Lincoln

Cover Image So You Want To Be More Like Christ – Charles Swindoll

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