I see Angels

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I see Angels watching over me, high up in the sky, I see Angels.

I see Angels watching over me as I sleep at night, I see Angels.

My spirit longs to fly and be high up in the  Go to fullsize imagesky, with the Angels.


Flying higher, flying faster, Go to fullsize imageclimbing up to meet my Savior.

Flying higher toward my Savior, I long to be free.

Go to fullsize imageI am free, because Jesus gave His life for me.  Jesus has set me free.

He placed my feet upon solid ground, Go to fullsize imageI once was lost but now I’m found.

I’m already free, I’m already free.

Jesus I long to fly, take me higher through the sky. 

Take me higher, let me fly.

You gave me wings, Your Word is my wings. 

Watch me fly, watch me fly. 

Higher and high, higher and high, Go to fullsize imageup through the sky.

Angels, watch me fly.


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