De-cluttering – Getting Back On Track!

So, while I may not have been blogging, or much of anything else the past few weeks, I did have moments where I accomplished some de-cluttering and at one point I had the clarity of mind to record my efforts for posterity.

I went through more of the magazines that I have had laying around the house and while I haven’t gone through all of them, I would say that I only have about a dozen left to go through.

I had put up a post some time back about a neat little gadget I found at the local craft store, the iSlice, and I can’t say enough about it.  I use it to go through my magazines, newsletters, coupons and newspapers.  I love it!  Just to show you how useful this little cutter is here’s a picture of the stack of magazines (on the left)  I went through recently and the end result (on the right) of my “slicing”.  Please keep in mind this is probably only one-fourth of the magazines I’ve iSliced over the past few months.

P2020054 To stay on top of the magazines that make their way into my home, I’ve decided to let them linger for one month beyond their issue date before I iSlice them.  This will allow for ample time for everyone to browse through them and keep them from piling up.

Once I’ve gone through all the magazines still floating around from months past, I’m going to begin scanning the pages onto a flash drive – this will reduce the amount of clutter even more and I’ll make sure to snap a photo or two!


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