Words To Meditate On

I met Lenore about a year ago through our Bariatric surgeon’s referral service.  She started out as my weight loss buddy and has become a true friend and sister in Christ.  She sent this to me via email and it touched my heart so deeply I felt the need to share it with you.  Take care and God bless you.* side note – Lenore has this saying saying at the end of all her emails and I’m passing this along too – “Be who you are and say what you feel…because those that matter…… don’t mind….and those that mind….. don’t matter!!! – Lenore

“To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.

Concentrate on this sentence…..’The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.’

When I opened the email from Lenore and read this I immediately thanked God for reminding me of His Will and His promises over my life.  It reminded me of the saying, “If He leads you to it, He’ll see you through it”, which then brought Psalm 23 to my remembrance, “…yea though I walk through the valley…” 

I’ve been walking, no crawling through the valley for the past few weeks and I know that there have been times when He had to carry me on His shoulders because I didn’t have the strength physically or mentally to carry myself through it.  Today I received the financial blessing that God brought to my attention last week, and I prayed and asked Him to give me more than they told me I would get and I did get more than I had expected. 

I believe His Word, and I believe I am free from debt.  I am standing on His promises and I know that when He takes something from you, it’s only because He has something better in store for you.  I applied to work for my previous employer and the job was just 2 minutes from home in the office I used to work in, and it was doing the same job I did when I worked in that office.  I knew I was the best candidate and would get the job. 

For some reason it kept dragging on and on but they told me to be patient, so I was.  I prayed and asked God to bless me with this job so we could get out of financial trouble.  My being out of work for over 3 years has taken it’s toll financially and I needed a job!!!  I prayed and believed God for this job yet I still would tell Him that I wanted His Will performed and not mine. 

I was praying for release from debt, to find a job, for my husband’s healing, and to be closer to Him.  Well, I thought the job was going to be God’s way of getting us out of the financial trouble we are in- apparently I was wrong.  I did not get the job, God knew better than to send me back into that pit.  Just days before I learned they didn’t even see my resume or application, they started letting people go that had worked for them for many, many years. 

They have become even more heartless and uncaring of their employees and God knew that if I went back to work for them, it would most likely destroy me as it had almost done 4 years ago.  So, it’s true when they say, “when God closes a door, He opens a window”, “His ways are not our ways” and “God does not make mistakes”.  Trust in Him.  Be like the woman with the issue of blood and hang on to the hem of His garment and do not let go! 

Every night I pray and believe God for His mercy, blessings and miracles.  To keep my mind from wandering and the enemy from starting his mess, I would play part of the opening song from Kenneth Copeland Ministries over and over in my head, “I know my God, has made a way for me”.  I would just repeat this over and over until I fell asleep and I continue doing this every night, for I know my God has made a way for me, for His plans are to prosper me, not harm me. 

God has another plan for our financial restoration and me working is not part of that plan – at least not right now and  I’m totally cool with whatever He has in store for me.  I know He has something He wants me to do, I have an idea of what it is, but I’m not totally sure about all of it.  Now that our debt is being worked out, I believe I will be able to focus more clearly on what He wants for me and from me.Thank you for you prayers, and I ask that you continue to lift me and my family up in prayer before the Lord.  There is still much to be done in the way of our finances, physical healing and restoration and our walk with Him. 


2 thoughts on “Words To Meditate On

  1. I agree with Lenore’s words: Be who you are and say what you feel……..those that matter don’t mind; and those that mind don’t matter. These are great words to live by.

    Sometimes if you don’t speak up, you are the one that gets hurt and it is held inward and therefore You become ill mentally and physically.

    An old saying from my dear Aunt goes like this: “If someone comes into your life and they can’t enhance it, don’t let them in”. I live by this and I am a happy person because of those words.

    God comes into our lives and because of this we are truly “enchanced”. What could be a better way of life then to have God included in our life.

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