A Pick Me Up With A Twist

I was on the phone with my mom the other day, catching her up to all that’s been going on here for the past few weeks and she got an ear full!  I must admit that while things are much better these days and we did share a few funny moments and we both got a good chuckle, the majority of the conversation was depressing to say the least.  Re-hashing the events of the past few weeks brought up icky feelings, thank God and all praise to Him for bringing us out of the valley so that all that junk is being put behind us! 

Well, to get on with my point of my post, I was doing some dusting yesterday with a bugger of a migraine when the dogs went wild, barking and rushing from the front door to the couch so they could look out the window.  I asked my son if he was expecting company, he said no – I noticed a vehicle out front so my son decided to go to the porch to see what was a-foot!  He came back in bearing a huge edible arrangement.  It was a bunch of fruit arranged like flowers, so pretty and it smelled wonderful!  I was in shock to say the least.  I’ve heard about these things, but never saw one before, let alone have one sent to me.  At first I thought maybe someone sent it to the wrong address, then maybe someone sent a sympathy basket – but no one died that I knew of.  Then I thought, did I forget someone’s birthday???  Then my son read the card which said, “Hope this helps to put a smile on your face, love Mom”.  Wow, I wasn’t expecting anything!  What a thoughtful thing for her to do, I mean putting up with my rants and downer of a conversation – I should have been the one to send her a pick me up!!! 

Well, we TORE into the goodies and most of it is gone so I’m glad I made my son take a picture of it right away!  For your viewing pleasure – the picture does not do it justice – too bad we don’t have smell-a-vision!fruit-basket.jpg


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