Thursday Thirteen – 14th Edition

My dear friend Gloria sent these photos to me today and I wish I would have gotten them last week because this would have made a really cool TT 13th Edition, but no use fretting about it – here’s  my 14th Edition.  These costumes are all made out of balloons – cool or what???  This takes balloon animals to a whole new level!!

balloon1 balloon2 balloon3 balloon4 balloon11 balloon13 balloon12 balloon5 balloon6 balloon10 balloon9 balloon8 balloon7


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – 14th Edition

  1. These are very interesting peices of work. How did you start making womens dresses? It is an interesting job. What is the pay like? I don’t think that I could string balloons together. I would feel to pressured and pop them. I am short tempered. Have you ever made a black ball gown? Do you have your own store or do you sell them on you own?

  2. WOW U gut r very creative! OMG my fav one is the golden dress with the hat. Dont the balloon models wear underwear? because i assume balloons are ichy to wear.

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