Francis Manahan – Prayer Request

Dear friends, please lift Francis Manahan up in prayer.  He’s temporarily in Quaker Nursing Home, Woodstown, NJ as he’s had shingles and is trying to regain his strength.  His condition has weakened him and he could really use our prayers.

Heavenly Father, Master of the Universe, I come to you on behalf of Francis Manahan.  In the mighty name of Jesus we declare him healed of shingles and all the affects it has had on his body.  We send Your Holy Word out to him declaring healing and rebuking the enemy.  Father, Your Son Jesus, bore all sickness for all eternity on His back while on the cross so that we can walk in healing.  Through His death we have been given life and power and authority and so we bind the enemy and Your Word says that what ever we bind on earth will be bound in Heaven.  Every blood cell in Francis’ body carries life and healing to his organs, tissue, muscles and bones.  We praise You Father for Your love and mercy and thank You for sending Your only Son so that we may have life and have it more abundantly, in the matchless name of Jesus, we believe and receive Your healing, Amen.


6 thoughts on “Francis Manahan – Prayer Request

  1. Please pray for my elder brother. His name is Vinay and he is 35 years old. God has given him abundant blessings. He was a very god fearing and good person and was using his talents of singing and composing songs for his glory. But now he is completely changed. He is spoiling his money, time, health, and everything just because of his bad habit of drinking wine and bad company. Both of my parents are old, retired, sick, weak and are facing financial crisis also. There is none to look-after and support them. My father had a stroke of brain hemorrhage due to mental tension but god gave him miraculous healing. He is still under treatment and has lungs infection also. My mother is only one and only person who is handling all the responsibilities. As I got married last year and I am far away from them I am unable to help them. My brother got married last month but he is not taking the responsibility of his wife and even not interested in talking to her. He doesn’t receive her phone calls. He does not spend a single coin even for his food. I am keeping everything in prayers. Please pray for Vinay. As he is the only son and it is his responsibility to take care of his family. I wish to see a change in his life. He is the single cause of all the sufferings, tensions and a cause of shame for us but we love him very much and pray for him that may my brother become the cause of blessing and proud for the family. Please pray for me to get a good job so that I can help my parents financially. Amen in Jesus name.

  2. Salvation for Seth and Dennis Garman. Deliverance from drugs alcohol and all bondages and generational curses known or unknown to be broken and lifted. May they see the truth of the Gospel and their purpose. God locate and bring Seth´s future christian wife and dennis´ future christian wife to them.

    Deliverance for Mimi from all occult over her body and life to be broken and lifted off. Strong spiritual warfare over her and needs fervent continuous prayer.

    Salvation for Susan T. and all bondages of witchcraft to be broken.

    Salvation for Ana P. and may the Holy Spirit make her take inventory of her life and take a good look of herselft and black heart, to see how she truely is, the darkness in her mind, heart, spirit full of greed and personalitie disorders that she will not allow herself to see so that she will feel conviction and be ready for salvation.

  3. Watch and Pray Ministry and Missions is a young Christian organization committed to soul-winning and evangelism. We do this through Christian films. After the show we pray and preach and hold an altar call. To sustain the program for the first year we need about $10,000. We are trusting God for this financial assistance. We are sure He will provide it because we have sincere intent. We need the prayers of the brethren of God to supply this need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

  4. Dear Briggitte,
    Thank you so much for your prayers. Frannie really likes where he is at this time. I know it makes Jay feel better knowing his brother is getting such good care. It’s difficult for him being in California and not being able to visit like he would like to but his job keeps him busy. With everybody praying for Fran I’m sure the Lord will Bless him and he’ll be home soon with his son and family. Thanks again.
    God Bless,

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