De-cluttering My House Days 16-18

Okay, so maybe you are wondering if I’ve set aside my de-cluttering or perhaps even turned my back on it???  Well, I haven’t been productive this week in the way that I wanted, but God had something else in mind for me.  I have in fact been de-cluttering – as I said earlier in the week I’ve been going through my recorded shows on my DVR and what an absolute blessing that God put that on my heart to undertake.  I’ve been watching the Believers Voice Of Victory messages and got all of October and November caught up.  I can’t tell you how much I was able to learn and take hold of by watching them back to back.  I literally watched over 5 hours of messages every day the past 3 days and God has impressed some important messages upon me.  In a way, this is not just a cleaning up of my DVR, it’s a de-cluttering for my mind, spirit and soul.  God has been showing me that there is some junk stored up in there that needs to just get tossed out with yesterdays news and trash!  I’m standing on His Promises and Word and I’m being restored.  I was watching a message from Gloria Copeland and I want to share this word with you:  Don’t say “No I don’t have”, or “No its has not happened”, or “No I haven’t received”… Instead say, “I’m standing and believing that I am receiving…”  When someone asks you, “have you gotten that car yet?”, instead of saying, “no not yet”, say, “I’m believing that I have received that car”.  If they ask about that job you’ve applied for but haven’t heard about, don’t say “no they haven’t called me”, say, “I’m believing I have received that job”.  This message hit home and it hit hard.  I applied for a job back in November and have often times become discouraged and worried because I keep getting the same response, we haven’t begun interviewing for that position yet.  Well, I’ve prayed several times asking God for guidance, and to be blessed with this job and not be stressed out but then doubt creeps back in.  When friends have asked me if I’ve gotten the job yet, I would say no and I finally realized that every-time I do that I cancel my blessing.  Well no more, ask me if I’ve gotten that job yet and I’ll tell you “I’m believing I have received that job and God has it all under control!”

I’ve also been going through my email and clearing out my inbox but I’ve taken it a step further and have been unsubscribing from various companies that just crowd my inbox.  The Internet is a blessing, but sometimes when you order from a company, they begin to bombard you with their advertising.  I also decided to stop getting updates and alerts from ZDNet, NBC 10 and lots of other newsletters that I don’t really read anymore.

Well, it’s late and I don’t want sleep the day away so I’m going to close for now.  I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read my blog, thank you for your prayers, your friendship and for bringing joy to my life.  I pray that God blesses you and your family, friends and loved ones.  May He give His angels charge over you and plant a hedge of protection around you, your finances, your health and your ministry.  May you walk in His Grace, Mercy and Love, may you have victory in all things and may you have fullness of joy all the days of your life.  I thank God, believe and receive all that I have asked of Him in the name of His precious Son, Jesus.Amen!


One thought on “De-cluttering My House Days 16-18

  1. Dear Briggitte,
    Would you please put Jay’s brother, Francis Manahan, on the Prayer List. He’s in Quaker Nursing Home, Woodstown, NJ temporarily. He’s had shingles and is trying to regain his strength. Needs lots of prayers as he is very weak. Thank you.
    God Bless,

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