De-cluttering My House Day 15

I didn’t tackle anything on my list today, but I still did some de-cluttering today – on my DVR.  I love my DVR and I have several shows set up to record like Kenneth Copeland’s Believers Voice Of Victory, Zola Levitt Ministries, Prophecy Study Bible, Changing Your World and In Touch Ministries.  The only problem is that I don’t stay on top of them and I am really, really, really backed up – I have about 100 episodes all together that need to be watched!  I don’t really watch a lot of tv anymore and I keep forgetting that I have these shows set up to record.

So, today I didn’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything because I still have a headache and it’s been raining and it’s cold so I decided to watch some of the stuff I recorded.  I watched 3 episodes of BVOV today, so I figure that counts for de-cluttering.  I’m adding my DVR to the list and I figure since I have 5 shows I record Monday – Friday, I will need to watch at least 6 episodes every day (including weekends).  That means that I should be caught up sometime in May – unless I cash in on the sleepless nights courtesy of Menopause, then I could be done before the end of this month!!!!! LOL.


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