De-cluttering My House Day 14

Well, today is MLK Day which means the kids are home from school and the hubby has off from work.  Now go ahead ask me if I got any de-cluttering done today, go ahead ask me – I double dog dare you!!!  NO, I didn’t get anything done today which upsets me because I wanted to do something, even if it was just a little thing.

I did get some clutter out of my house last night however – my daughter came to visit so I gave her the afghan that has been taking up room on the floor by my bed, and, she took the baby shower gift for Eileen (one of her college suite-mates who’s expecting her first baby) which also was taking up quite a bit of room on a bookshelf in my bedroom so I figure that has to count for something!  Both of these were in big bags and took up a bit of room and with them gone I now have a neater looking bookshelf and no big pink bag on the floor by my nightstand.

I should have taken a picture of the baby shower gift bag to post on my blog, but I did take a picture of my daughter and her boyfriend holding the afghan I made – big isn’t it?  P1200051 and yes her boyfriend is really tall!


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