De-cluttering My House Day 13

Okay, technically I don’t de-clutter on the weekends, but the house is quiet and I’m bored so I went through my “list” and tackled 3 little projects.

I went through the mini fridge downstairs (we use it for the kids to keep juice boxes, jello and yogurt in for when they’re watching tv, playing games or hanging out with friends) and tossed out expired jello cups.  I hate wasting money like that so I’m going to have to patrol that fridge on a weekly basis from now on!

I also went through the monster of a fridge in my kitchen and was pretty proud of myself as I only had to toss out a few odds and ends (mostly the remnants of left-overs).

Lastly I went through my “miscellaneous” magazines and iSliced what I wanted to keep and tossed out the rest.  There were only a few I had to go through and next week I’ll be able to go through the rest of the magazines on my list because there’s only about 2 dozen magazines left floating around.

Well, that’s it for today, I’m off to get dressed and then off to a visit to my MIL’s.  There was a time (many, many, many years ago) when I dreaded going to her place, but I can honestly say with all sincerity and deep love and appreciation, that I enjoy visiting with her, and I give all the credit to Jesus and the way He touched her heart and ours.

Have a wonderful weekend and may God bless you and your loved ones beyond measure!


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