De-cluttering My House Day 8, 9, 10 & 11

Okay, I confess, I haven’t done much in the way of tackling my de-clutter list this week.  I chilled out Monday and played around on my computer, did some reading and watched some TV.  Tuesday I went to a Social Norms Steering Counsel Meeting at my daughters High School which was pretty interesting even if it was just a meet and greet as it was our first meeting, scanned some important papers and cleaned up my bedroom.  Wednesday I hung out with my girlfriend most of the day.  We went to the movies and then to lunch, it was so much fun.  I did go through my coupons and sorted them and organized them into groups and then put them into an coupon holder which totally helped me out today when I went to the grocery store.  Our Pathmark had Triple Coupons so even though I spent 2 hours at the store, I saved – get this – drumroll please………….$130.59.  I can’t believe I actually saved that much!  They only Tripled coupons that were 99 cents or less but some of the stuff I got was also on sale so I didn’t mind using my $1 coupons for those items.  Today I put all my 2007receipts in order by month and started going through the ones that I would need for Tax Day.  I also ran a lot of errands which took up most of my day and tonight I’ll be heading over to our local Democratic Campaign Headquarters to help out over there so while I didn’t really cross off anything on my list, I have had a very productive and social week so far.  Tomorrow is another story and like the Bible says, worry not over for tomorrow for it will bring with it it’s own troubles.


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