Works For Me Wednesday


Mini Muffin/Tart Tins

mini tart tin

I didn’t know what to post for today’s WFMW, but when I decided to have last night’s leftovers for dinner tonight it hit me – I can share my tip for cooking meatballs!!

First, I use ground sirloin, I get it at Aldi’s or Meat Stop cheaper than what I would pay for ground beef at other grocery stores, it taste’s so much better and there is very little fat.  I add egg, bread crumbs, spices and milk (yes milk it makes them moist) and then shape them into little balls (I use cookie dough scoop to get them all the same size) and then here’s the tip for today – use mini muffin/tart pans and place one meatball into each cup and then bake them at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.  No need to turn them, they brown up perfectly and there is no grease splatter to clean up afterwards.


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