The Subject Bible

Several months ago I was up late because I couldn’t sleep and I tuned to one of the many Christian channels I get with DirectTV and came across what I would call an info-mercial about The Subject Bible.  I didn’t write down the information because I thought I’d be able to remember it – yeah, right…

The very next day I went to my local B&N bookstore figuring I would find it there and after searching through every Bible on the shelves I came up empty.  I’ve been trying to find this Bible for months and tonight while I was blogging, my husband (who is rarely up this late at night) was channel surfing and came across the channel for UplifTV so he started watching and the next thing I know they were talking about the Bible is saw on TV months before, it’s called The Subject Bible. 

With this Bible, you will never need another concordance or index.  Every subject in the Bible is listed and you can see every scripture referencing that subject without having to flip back and forth and they make it so easy to read.  It’s in the King James Version which means they don’t interject their own perspectives – it’s just the scriptures written in a way that you can get the most out of your Bible.   The only downside is the cost – $150.00, so I’m going to pray and ask God to bless me with this Bible.  Whether He decides to bless me with the money to purchase it,  or He has someone bless me with it as a gift is up to Him, I’m just going to thank Him now in advance!

I’m sharing this with you because I think this is the most awesome Bible I’ve ever seen and I want to let as many know about it as I can.


8 thoughts on “The Subject Bible

  1. Hi,
    I just stumbled on this site by accident, doing a search for the Subject Bible. I too saw the infomerical on TBN and said, I want that bible. It looks like just the perfect study bible and it’s time for me to get a new bible. But as you said the price of this great study bible is a factor. $150 is a lot for me in this economy. I like you am going to ask the Lord to make a way for me to be able to get this bible for me and one for my husband, who is a minister. If you find a sale on it or somewhere to buy it for less, please let me know via email.


  2. Regarding the Subject Bible, the original “basic” Bible of the series came out in 1853 (West’s Bible), then Hitchcock’s, 1861. Much later Dugan publishing and shortly after Jubilee Publishing. Now we have the “Subject Bible” from Power publishing, basically a bit of a new-spin, slight re-arrangement on the Dugan and Jubilee. (point of note, the Jubilee has Cruden’s concordance)
    We sell the Jubilee (bought the last of old-stock) as well as the Subject Bible. The SB is $105.00 with shipping (parcel post shipping, book rate is to damaging)in the U.S., no profit here, just want to help get Bibles out to those in need.
    Rev. David

  3. Regarding the Subject bible, this bible came out in the 1990’s. The retail price was extremely affordable. It is a good Bible, I have owned it since 1996 and its the very same bible. At the time, it was offered by Jubilee Publications, I think it went out of business but I’m glad I got it when I did. Its a good bible but the price today for the same leather bound bible is too pricey for it. I paid 59.99 plus s&h. What a bargain!

  4. I’ve wanted this Bible since the first time I saw it on the Christian infomercial, but like Briggie, I’m going to pray and ask God to bless me with this Bible because, right now I’m out of work and with no prospects at all on the horizon, I have to think about this a little while longer. In my several months times of thirst and hunger to own this Bible, I’ve been searching the WWW high and low, hoping to find it at a more reasonable price, because, in addition to the cost of 150.00, the shipping and handling is almost 10.00. But I have good news for you, Briggie and Patricia: at the KJV Store, it can be purchased right now for 100.00 plus the 8.95 shipping fees. It takes them about three weeks to get it shipped out to you.

    The one that was selling for 100.00, the cover of it is Black only, not burgandy, at that price, (the burgandy colored covered Bible is still 150.00. Both are leather, though. I just prefer the burgandy, but to save 50.00 the Black color will be just fine! That’s the only color they used to come in, anyway, when I first started reading the Bible.

    I don’t know if it’ll ever be less than 100.00 anywhere for awhile and I’m not sure how long the cost will be at 100.00 either. YEARS ago, back in the 80s, I spent 100.00 more than once (for various study Bibles), and not one of them has the features the Subject Bible has. As poor and broke as I am, I’m VERY tempted to pay the 100.00 and say thanks, Lord, then wait for the money to come back to me in one of the many ways God has of replenishing our needs. I wish you both the best. Here is the link to the KJV Store:

    1. Hello JD,
      I will be praying that God blesses each of us with this bible. I thank you for commenting and bringing this back to my remembrance to pray and ask God to bless me with this bible. It seems that with the economy in the state it is, our focus has been on other things. In the past, I too have spent money on bibles and christian books without giving a thought to the cost. Sometimes it was the Lord leading me to purchase the books and often times I was led to give them away. Other times, it was my desire to have them that led me to make the purchase. I have the desire to purchase the bible, but have not felt the Lord lead me to do so, so for now, I will just take it to Him in prayer. God bless you and keep you, in Jesus’ name.

  5. Patricia, what a wonderful way to honor your husband for his birthday and father’s day by blessing him with this bible. Make sure you order it now so it arrives on time because to my knowledge it is not available in stores! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, I love hearing from people! Let me know his reaction when he opens it!

  6. Yes, My husband has put his subtle request in for this bible. His birthday falls around Father’s day and this is the only thing that he desires. He says that this bible is awesome.

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