Freebie Alert: $10 Houseplant From Lowe’s

Lowe’s has a $10 coupon that you print out good toward the purchase of ANY houseplant over at Learn2Grow.  I found out about this from Laura over at Laura William’s Musings and she heard about it from iMommies.  Before you can print out the coupon you have to become a member of Learn2Grow, but there’s no cost or obligation  so just click this link to register with Learn2Grow and then click here print out the coupon!

And if you don’t need another plant, use the coupon and give the plant as a gift to a neighbor, friend, family member, your church, doctor’s office, teacher, secretary, the possibilities are endless!!!  Hurry, this offer ends January 31, 2009!!!


3 thoughts on “Freebie Alert: $10 Houseplant From Lowe’s

  1. I went on the first site and registered. Then I went to the second site to print my coupon (I was still logged in) and it just keeps telling me that to be on that page I have to be logged in or join. So, I tried logging in but I just keep getting the same message over again. I even went back to the first site and logged out and then went back to the coupon site and again tried logging in and keep getting the same results. It’s been very frustrating!!!! Can you help me at all? I would really appreciate it. Thannk you in advance.

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