De-cluttering My House Day 6

Well, it didn’t rain today like I thought it was going to and yes, I still have a headache.  Actually, it’s a migraine and when the barometric pressure goes wacky, my poor head suffers.  Anyway, I didn’t scan my magazine clips because I took advantage of the weather (it was chillier today than the past few days, but the sun did make an entrance) and drove to Berlin Auction.  There’s this place called Sam’s that sells all kinds of fabric and they carry foam that they’ll cut to just about any size for you.  I have a sofa and love-seat that I got from This End Up many many years ago and the foam cushions needed to be replaced so I went out and gave them the measurements and voila, I have new cushions – there’s just one problem – I can’t get the covers onto the new foam – but not to worry; the owner said if I bring the foam and the covers in tomorrow, he’ll take care of it for me.  He said he has this machine that will put the cover over the foam in like less than 5 minutes – totally cool, since I know it would take me over an hour per cover and I’d probably tear the cover apart in the process.

Oh, sorry I got off point there, this post is supposed to be about how I tackled my list, so here goes.  I have a ton of papers, receipts, forms, correspondence, etc from the past 6 months…that I needed to go through and file.  Well, I went through and filed everything except for the receipts which I expect will take about an hour or so, but after sifting through the huge pile of paperwork I started to go bug-eyed so I thought it was in my best interest to just save the receipts for another day.  Besides, I have to sort them out by month, then see if any of them need to go into the 2007 Tax file and I want to be fresh for that task.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow, and then again maybe I won’t – I’ll just play it all by ear!

Well, that’s it for today, take care and God bless!


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