De-cluttering My House Day 5

It was sunny and in the low 60’s today but the wind made it feel a little chillier today.  I also have had a really bad headache today so I think the rain is coming.  Anyway, I said that, to say this, I didn’t do much today. 

I did cross off one item on my list today – I went through my really really really old address book, both my Rolodex’s (one from my old job and a personal one I started a few years ago) and my Christmas card mailing list.  So now instead of having to go through 4 lists, I have all my addresses on 1 Rolodex!  Yeah!!! 

There’s just one problem, I think I need a bigger Rolodex and I should probably use MS Word and type up the addresses and print them out because at time my handwriting is really bad and I can’t read some of the addresses I wrote down and I was thinking that I could probably list people’s birthday’s, anniversary’s and put an icon next to their names if I exchange Christmas cards with them.  I’ve learned that sometimes when you are getting rid of clutter, you get stuck having to do another task to finish the job right.  Well, that’s it for today, I think I’m going to work on scanning those magazine clippings tomorrow!


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