WFMW – Backwards Day


This weeks edition of Works for me Wednesday is supposed to be a Backwards Wednesday which means rather than posting something that works for me, I’m supposed to post a question or issue that I need help with.

So, here’s my issue – I had WLS (weight loss surgery) back in June 2007 and ever since I’ve been dealing with bumps breaking out mostly on my left cheek and the left side of my forehead just below my hairline.  I know that I tend to sleep on my left side so I change my pillow case frequently thinking that maybe that was the problem, but I haven’t seen any improvement.  I’ve tried Proactive, but it dries my skin out really bad, plus I don’t think it’s “acne” but rather some kind of deficiency that is causing the break-out because they are just bumps and they don’t change color like pimples. 

If you have any tips on eliminating hair on the chin, that would be a big help too!  I wax my brows and lip, but the hairs on my chin are thick and wiry and waxing just doesn’t work for me.


2 thoughts on “WFMW – Backwards Day

  1. I few years ago I started having electrolysis done on my neck/chin area. While the electrologist was working, she informed me that I had quite a few ingrown hairs along my neckline. Over the course of my treatment, she one by one removed all of the ingrown hairs.

    How does this relate to you? Well, before the ingrown hairs were gone, I just thought that I had naturally bumpy skin along my chin line. Once I had the electrolysis done, my jawline is as smooth as a baby’s behind.

    So perhaps a trip to an electrologist would be in order for both of your symptoms.

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