De-cluttering My House Day 4

I didn’t do much in the way of tackling the clutter today because since it was in the 60’s today (and for Jersey that’s pretty weird for this time of year) I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and warmth and take down the Christmas decoration outside.  My kids helped me so it only took about an hour – I can only imagine how long I would have been out there if they left me to do it myself so, thanks gang – Mommy loves ya.

I also had lunch with my dear friend Gloria and I had such a great time.  I love hanging out with her.  We decided to resume our Wednesday movie outing and I can’t wait till next Wednesday – that reminds me, I have to see what’s playing so we can pick a movie.  We go on Wednesday’s because there’s this movie theater where every showing on Wednesday’s is only $6.50 and considering it’s almost $10 everywhere else, this is a good bargain.  Plus, they have stadium seating and the seats recline and they’re so soft.  OOoooohhh I’m so excited, I can’t wait.

We both love to do crafts so we’re gonna do a craft day once a month – this too makes me happy because I promised myself that 1) I would not buy anymore crafts until I use up what I already have, 2) I would go through my stuff and organize it so that I can find my stuff easier, 3) I would give more handmade/homemade gifts this year for Christmas, birthdays, etc…

I did do some de-cluttering inside the house, I went through more magazine holders in my bedroom and found 2 Real Simple, 2 Victory, 1 In Touch and 1 Shoresh magazine so I iSliced them and I only got a few more sheets to add to the pile I have waiting to be scanned onto my flash drive – that project is for one day this week – probably a really icky weather day where I don’t feel like going out because it’s so nice and sunny and warm – like it’s been the past 2 days – woot woot!!!

Well, that’s it for today and since tomorrow is less than an hour away, I’m gonna shut down the PC and do some reading.


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