De-cluttering My House Day 3

So I know this was supposed to post yesterday, but my computer was bugging out last night and I couldn’t get my internet connection working properly so I’m posting Monday’s post today – Tuesday.

I spent most of the day going through my computer and cleaning up files that were saved to My Documents and other folders.  I found lots of stuff that I didn’t need anymore so I deleted them, but I also organized all my files into folders to make it easier to find them.  I can’t believe how many things I thought I saved to My Documents ended up in the Downloaded Software folder – I have Windows Vista which for some reason likes to put files in there.  I also went into My Pictures and My Scans and renamed some files, deleted some files and moved some stuff around.

I also spent about 2 hours chatting online with a technician from HP because I noticed that for about the past month or so my HP Game Explorer wasn’t working properly and it took the good part of 90 minutes to break the language barrier but once we got on the same page she was able to help me fix the problem and now I can play Jewel Quest – which I might add is very addicting.

So, long story short, I de-cluttered my computer and that makes me very happy.


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