How Addicted Are You?


I subscribe via email to Kailani’s blog An Island Life and she has a post about being addicted to blogging.  I decided to take the challenge because personally I don’t think I’m an addict.  I mean, I can take it or leave it, I can quit at anytime, I only do it for the fun of it…Hmmmm, sounds an awful lot like things an addict would say if you ask me… Anyway, I went to Just Say Hi and took the survey and they said I was 70% addicted to blogging.  WHAT, NO WAY, THERE MUST BE SOME KIND OF MISTAKE!!!  Okay, okay, I’m in denial but considering Kailani is a bigger addict than me, (she’s 82% addicted) and I bet there are even bigger addicts out there, I think I can live with this “problem” because frankly I don’t see the need to break this addiction, but I will kick the habit – – – into high gear that is!!!!  FYI – I tried to paste the html code for the badge you see above, but I had to save the badge as a background, then go into Paint and add my percentage because WordPress doesn’t seem to like the code Just Say Hi has.  So not only am I addicted to blogging, I’m a computer nerd too!  There, I’m saying it loud and I’m saying proud!!!  Get your PC on and BLOG ON FELLOW BLOGGERS!!!


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